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Under the direction of Dr. Silas Johnson, the Missions outreach of Full Counsel Church brings hope to the hopeless around the world. We at Full Counsel take the mission of the Great Commission to the nations. We follow Christ's example by meeting the needs of people so they might gain a saving knowledge of him. Having been empowered by the Spirit (Acts 1:8), sustained by prayer (Acts 13:3), and called out (Romans 10:15), we follow Christ and contribute to local, state, national and international missions. We want to see God's Kingdom advanced and we mobilize and join forces to see the Great Commission carried out.

We accomplish this through short-term missions team trips. A short-term team trip takes you on a 10 to 14 day overseas journey. You will provide critical assistance as you work alongside our long-term missionaries, their staff, and local community members to make a lasting impact in a hurting community.

While serving on a team, you will have the opportunity to minister to needy families within communities. Short-term teams supply the physical as well as the spiritual needs by developing close-knit, personal relationships amongst the many men, women, and children. And as so many others have discovered, when you participate in Christian missions, God blesses you through the children and families to whom you bring His love.


Full Counsel allows you to be a part of an organized team of believers equipped to spread the Gospel. Our short-term team representatives will partner with you to provide you everything your group needs for a transforming life-changing experience. Representatives will assist you in project selection, travel arrangements & logistics and safety-preparedness.


Contact one our representatives today to explore an opportunity in Short-term team missions! If you're ready to begin transforming nations,
call 800-465-6830
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Full Counsel Ministries, Attention: Missions Department
P. O. Box 2160,
North Little Rock, AR 72115
Evangelism - The Great Commission
 ". . . Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel."


Witnessing - The term witnessing is commonly used to describe the process of proclaiming the gospel (Christian faith) to non-believers.

Believer - The term believer is commonly used to describe a person who has become a follower of Christ (a Christian) by repenting of sins and placing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

- The term unbeliever or unsaved is commonly used to describe a person who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

At Full Counsel, Evangelism and Outreach is essential. We extend the Great Commission of Christ by witnessing, ministering the gospel and deliverance to the lost in surrounding areas throughout the local communities, cities, and state. Sheep beget sheep. We teach here at Full Counsel Christian Fellowship that Evangelism is not just for the Pastor, Minister, or the Evangelist, but it is the responsibility of every believer (young and old) that proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord.

The Great Commission of Christ flows out of His great commandments to love God with your whole being and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-40; Mark 12:28-33). In the Old Testament, scriptures that are connected with the command to love our neighbor are found in Deuteronomy 6:5; and Leviticus 19:18.

The Great Commission is motivated by the love of God working through the life of the believer.
It is the love of God that motivates the true believer to obey the commands of God given in the Great Commission to reach all who are lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where genuine love motivates the ministry and labor of the believer, the work they do can never be in vain; but, when it is not done in love and of a heart of obedience to God's Word, it will be wasted time and energy.

The decisive issue for all involved in this training course on the Great Commission is not what we do, but rather, how we love. The love of God must be the heart beat of every Christian at Full Counsel as we individually and collectively assume the responsibility to fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission to reach every lost person that we can with the gospel.
Guidelines for Evangelistic Street Witnessing
  • Remember we are street witnessing; don't overdress by wearing your Sunday best. Make sure your clothing is not worn   out, but should be modest, clean and good appearance.
  • Shorts are not permissible for street witnessing. Neither should you wear tight-fitting clothing which will draw attention to yourself. They need to be looking at the Jesus in you.
  • Don't wear jewelry (watch & wedding bands are okay) on the street; this could tempt someone of a wrong spirit. Also, dont take purses or valuable items.

  • Always be on time. Being on time is very important. Remember, if one is late it makes everyone late.

  • Tracts should always be given out.

  • Smile and show yourself friendly.

  • Keep your hand out of your pockets; this is very important, in troublesome areas. In cooler seasons, bring gloves or mittens.

  • Don't touch or poke the person you are witnessing to. After conversion a proper hug can be given, if appropriate.

  • Don't argue with anyone; only pick ripe fruit.

  • Stay in the area of the anointing. Don't go into homes, bars, or into dark alleys where we cant see you. Use Godly wisdom. We dont want anyone to get hurt in any form.

  • Don't wander off by yourself; Jesus sent them out two by two or three. You need to be in groups of two or three. New people need to be with experienced people.

  • Personal address and phone numbers are not to be given out on the street. We will give address of the local church.

  • Don't give out money while witnessing. In proper situations you may buy them food. Don't buy items they can take back and receive cash to use for drugs, alcohol, etc.

  • Once the person has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, encourage them to find a local church. When someone is witnessing don't interrupt or distract the person being witnessed to. Quietly pray until you are asked to help.

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