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Full Counsel Missionary/ Ministerial Association (FCMMA)


In July of 1987, while attending the Kenneth Hagen Campmeeting, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I'm going to make you a pillar in the Church". It was like an audible voice that spoke to me piercing into my spirit and soul. While I continued to pray along the lines, I didn't pursue or press the issue. In the fall of 1992, I had a visitation from the Lord in which He spoke to me and said, "I want you to pioneer and raise up a fellowship of churches. I have tried to move through the existing denominations, but they will not obey me. You will not have to pursue these pastors and churches, for I will make the connections in the Spirit. They will come to you."

The Lord went on to show me that there are many independent churches that He is raising up in the cities and towns of America and throughout the world with pastors who love God. But yet these men and women desire a spiritual covering and pastoral oversight. Not some controlling/limiting hierarchy or denominational bureaucracy, but a fathering, caring, God-given relationship. RELATIONSHIP is the key word, but God-given is the key ingredient. We are to be "hooked up" to spiritually; we are on our way to success. Some ministers never discover this and they wander around as "orphans" and never succeed. So our desire is the same as the Apostle Paul stated in 2 Corinthians 1:24, "Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith (your own faith) ye stand."

So we want to help your joy, not dominate your faith. Proverbs says a man's joy is full when his desire or vision is completed. We are here to help you fulfill your vision and in doing so our joy is also full.

But not only is there a spiritual connection here but also practical BENEFITS. When people come together in agreement, resources are multiplied and more can be done for the kingdom. "One can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand" -- notice the multiplication. Share resources, staff, media, administrative, legal, etc. means better stewardship. God gives more to the good steward. Pooled missions giving, health and retirement benefits mean more power and influence. Joint ventures while maintaining the autonomy of your churches or ministries vision, makes good sense.

Finally, good wholesome FELLOWSHIP with those who believe the same as you is precious. Peter called it "like precious faith." Often times in towns and cities, you may be the only church of your kind there. This can be very difficult for the pastor or minister, his wife and family as persecutions, slanders, and ridicule for your faith may be very common. FCMMA will provide much needed fellowship.

Relationship Benefit Fellowship

These three vital aspects for success are available to you, while assisting you in fulfilling your own God-given vision and purpose. If FCMMA is for you and your ministry, or if you would simply like more information, give us a call today.


  • Conferences
  • Seminar
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • Media/Broadcast
  • Printing/Publication
  • Disability Insurance
  • Planning & Development
  • Youth & Children Programs
  • Convention
  • Training
  • Conflict Resolution/Discipline
  • Counsel
  • Missions Support
  • Funds/Stewardship
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plan (Pension)


Full Counsel Ministerial/ Missionary Association (FCMMA) is a fellowship of churches of like precious faith with headquarters in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


The purpose of FCMMA is to provide a spiritual covering and organizational support structure to pastors, churches and ministries for the provision of the following functions.

  • Pastoral (Apostolic) Oversight (Counsel)
  • Training Support - (Conferences, on-sight instruction, schools, workshops, etc. and publications).
  • Fellowship - Provide support and moral enhancement through interaction among ministers and churches.
  • Prayer - Intercession for pastors and churches and ministries.
  • Services - Provision of administrative, media, broadcast, legal, and financial services as may be required and available.
  • Inspiration - Distribution of Pastoral letters to inspire, enlighten, strengthen and encourage pastors, ministers, and leaders.
  • Planning and Development - Through a trained qualified staff, FCMMA can help with planning and development of local churches in project management, ministry out reaches, building programs, board formation, etc.
  • Personnel Provisions - Through a pool of trained, qualified seasoned ministers, FCMMA can provide ministerial staff to Affiliated/Associated churches or ministries to insure smooth transition and implementation of staffs. Ordination and licensing may also be done through FCMMA.
  • Affiliation Status - FCMMA will provide Ecclesiastical Affiliatory status for churches or ministries desiring direct affiliation through FCMMA.


P.O. Box 2160

North Little Rock, AR 72115

Phone: 501-791-0600, ext 7104 or 800-465-6830, ext. 7104

Fax: 501-791-7121


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